PULP Liquide: logo and branding

The Work

Logo design and Branding development for gourmet Parisian e-cigarette brand PULP. Born in Provence. Based in Paris. Sold worldwide.

PULP LIQUIDE stands head and shoulders above the many sub-standard cheap imports that occupy the market. Accordingly, the branding reflects the quality ingredients and design aesthetic behind the company and positions PULP LIQUIDE as a high-end quality product for the discerning vapeur.

The logo was therefore designed to encompass the sentiments behind the name and it’s country kitchen origins. Cooks, flavour specialists and culinary advisors have created the flavours in an environment resplendent with fruits, veggies, wooden spoons, old school juicers. A cook’s kitchen in fact!


PULP Liquid: Branding

Pulp Liquid- logo development

Pulp Liquid- logo development

Detail of logo development. In order to give the text the necessary symmetry was necessary to modify the letterforms individually. The devil is in the detail!

Logo design and Branding development for Pulp Liquide E cigarettes

Pulp Liquid packaging