My name is Stewart Lucking and I am a Art Director working out of Paris.
I make lovely stuff for a plethora of international clients.
Christies, P&G, Paul Frank, Jaguar France, Renault Trucks, Guinness World Records and Cartoon Network are a few of them.

Previously, London was home -and WHAT a home! For 15 years I enjoyed a mixture of freelance gigs and also the role of Art Director/Lead Designer on the Ford UK/Europe account at Wunderman/Y&R. between 2006 & 2009.

In November 2009 I followed my heart to Paris where I de-camped to the city of light with my future wife.

Sometimes while wearing the @Orangegodd hat I can be found on Twitter and Instagram waxing lyrical and posting urban snapshots of angles and other oddities. Also, when time allows I post to Design in The Real World which is a blog -shamelessly hi-jacking the title to Victor Papanek’s iconic tome- which documents various design-tinged observations in the world around us.

Constantly looking out for interesting projects and collaborations to be involved in, so if you are in the market for something a little bit special, drop me a line or pick up the phone. I can be found here: 0033 649 00 44 66

Blog: ‘Design in The Real World’

ARCHIVED WORK: (2009-2013) (2002-2006)