Who and what is Craftyfish?

My name is Stewart Lucking and Craftyfish is the brand name I trade under. Craftyfish has had an online presence since 1999 and was previously based in London. I am now currently operating out of Paris for UK and European based clients.

In addition to many years of experience as a freelancer I have also been an Art Director at Wunderman London for 3 years where I was lead designer on the Ford account

I make stuff and solve problems creatively. The stuff I make is both useable and beautiful. I create consistency of message across all channels; corporate identity, branding, web, packaging, print materials, and advertising

My creative design solutions stem from a rigorous process encompassing pencil and paper, some furrowing of brows, an inquisitive, questioning mind, and a generous helping of passion.

Passion is key and allied with ideas and craft it’s this passion that ensures each brief is approached with the same enthusiasm to enable you the client to compete in the marketplace.

If you are in the market for a brand-refresh or you require some high calibre design thinking for any channel, please send me an email stating your project aim, timelines and potential budget and we can start a dialogue.

'Orangegodd' is my blogger nomme de guerre and you can obtain more of an insight into how my creative mind works by checking out my blog- 'Design in the real world'

Download CV pdf in English
Telecharge CV pdf en Francais